Friday, June 27, 2003

I feel so aching inside right now. My friend, Jeff (wrote about him a few days ago), came over to our house last night with some devastating news. My good friend, Jody, who had been a camp counselor with me for quite a few years, has had to leave camp this summer because some accusations were just brought against him by a CIT (counselor in training). Jeff was very upset and held back tears, while telling me that Jody might also lose his teaching job at the Christian school where he teaching, no matter if the charges are true or not (which I totally believe they ARE NOT.) Jeff has no idea what could have happened, but Jody is a known sleep walker, so we are wondering if that was involved.

It's so hard. I believe you must listen to children and investigate what they say. But at the same time, there is just NO WAY that Jody would have knowingly done something sinister to a child, or a FLY, for that matter. I ended up getting in touch with him today, and he is absolutely brokenhearted. "What am I going to do?" he said. "How will I ever get another job?" I have no idea. I mean, he's a Junior High TEACHER for Pete's sake. He also lives for training staff every summer at our camp. And that is obviously over. He asked me, "If the media gets ahold of this, would you still try to remember who I really am?" I started crying, and said, "I will get on the front page and tell them that you could never ever do something like this." He said, "I just need to know that I will still have a few friends after all of this is over."

I just feel so heartbroken inside. Maybe God has some weird plan for letting Jody go through this trial. I just pray He reveals why soon.


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