Monday, June 30, 2003

It's been a long weekend. For one thing, I finished the fifth Harry Potter book on Friday night. Very good, but yet again I am dealing with the after effects that I felt after finishing The Goblet of Fire several years ago. I feel a little sad, like I had a nice visit with some old friends and now they have left again. It was a very good book, though. Mostly build up to Book Six. Sigh. Oh well.

My father's ordination was on Saturday, at the church I grew up in. My dad is now a ELCA Lutheran minister. Weird. It was a good service, but very long. I wonder how many times, from childhood til now, I have sat in that church and daydreamed during sermons. The hymnals used to have these multicolored ribbon markers in them that I used to braid when I was a kid. I became very good at braiding. In third grade, I was Mary in the Christmas service, and was so bored, I fell asleep on the Baby Jesus in the manger. And every year, during the choir's Hallelujah Chorus, I would compose miniature novellas in my head. Saturday, I just thought about Harry Potter and tried to figure out what was going to happen in the next book. I guess not much changes in life.

I had a good time with all of my relatives and especially my parents. You know, I think I am overreacting about my mom. I had a good time with her this weekend. She was delighted by our new house, my decorating, my dog...she seemed interested in my life. She's not perfect; nobody is. I should just suck it up. I think things are going to be okay with us.

Yesterday, I had the Animal Shelter. We gave two puppies a bath (what whining!) and pulled about 50 ticks and fleas off of them. This is nasty gross, but there is something satisfying about that popping feeling when you yank off a tick. Plus, it is also satisfying to have a freshly deticked puppy who is finally sleeping exhaustedly because he isn't being sucked dry and eaten alive.


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