Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Feeling much better today. Had some good talks with friends.

The animals in my life are driving me a little crazy right now. The foster cat, Lazarus, is really great, though ugly, and has smelly peepee. But Atticus, my poor gimpy handcapped cat-- his world is rocked and he is totally stressed out by the new creature in the house. And a little known fact about Persians is that when they get stressed, they get diarrhea. So he and his stinky self have been quaranteened to my bathroom. Squirrel, my chihuahua, has figured out how to jump off our bed without hitting his head, so he's decided that bedtime is playtime. Jason and I spent half an hour chasing him around the house last night, and Jason was not amused. "Damn dog," was the last thing I heard as he nodded off to sleep. Schaeffer and Elizabeth, the new Stealth Persian Dynamic Duo, have figured out how to jump up on the kitchen counters, so nothing is safe.

I was about to give them all away (yeah, right) and now my husband has decided he wants to adopt a Border Collie.

What on earth.


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