Monday, August 04, 2003

Jason and I had a really great weekend. We went shopping, ate Red Lobster, rode MANY MANY roller coasters, sat in a jacuzzi, went to my friend's wedding out in the middle of BFE (that's "Butt F***ing Egypt" for you non-hillbillies), watched "Comedian" (really good documentary starring Jerry Seinfeld), ate a very large funnel cake that make me want to vomit (then perhaps finish the rest) and made fun of Branson billboards. It was a good time.

In other news, we have yet another animal reject at our house. My friend who works at the camp that Jason and I met at called and said, "There's this pathetic dog out here and they're going to shoot him if someone doesn't come get him!" So we went and picked him up. He was the most pathetic dog I've ever seen. He's a Chow-Chow (blue tongue and everything) but he was completely and utterly matted up. I've never seen such matts. His whole body was one big black matt with twigs, leaves, burrs and TREE BRANCHES sticking out of it. We worked on him for four hours on Sunday. We finally got down to the skin and tried to shave him, but he doesn't like his hindquarters touched, so he's still poofy on the back. Boy is he ever ugly. Uglier than my foster cat, Lazarus, who, by the way, is quickly becoming the favored cat of the household.

Anyway, if anyone wants a pathetic looking Chow-Chow, let me know.


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