Monday, October 20, 2003

I'm at home today. I was really sick yesterday with some stomach thing. I still don't feel up to snuff today...probably because everything within me was eliminated yesterday. I'm a little shakey. Jason was very very sweet to me yesterday. He even went and bought me Futurama Season Two on DVD to watch. I also watched all of E's 101 Juiciest Hook-Ups between my frequent runs to the bathroom. Number one was Bennifer, of course. Bleh. You know, I would have put Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. But they were like number fifteen. The list was definitely slanted toward the late nineties. They seemed to forget most couples before, say, 1991, and I'm sure there was lots of juice before then.

It's nice to have lots of warm snuggly animals when you are sick. At one point, Jason walked in and all five animals were either on top of me or in the general premises.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do with my day. I've got this darned German Protestant work ethic. I feel really weird not being at work. I feel well enough to be walking around so I feel guilty about being at home. The Mother in my head says "Go back to bed and drink liquids and watch Futurama." (which isn't so far away, as my mum called me last night and told me that very thing.) But the other part of me says, "Go do laundry, you lazy bum."

I think I'll listen to my Mother.


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