Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Thanksgiving "Things I Am Thankful For" List

1. Hot cocoa, mint-flavored.
2. The color pink.
3. My OBGYN, who always walks me to the front desk at the end of an appointment, pats my back and tells me that he likes me. He also gives out his home phone number.
3. iTunes and it's boost to my self-esteem. (Recently, a co-worker came around looking to see who owned the playlist, "El Boogie", on our shared network. I raised my hand and he said, "That's my favorite playlist!" I felt very proud indeed.)
4. My baby.
5. My husband, who helped in the creation of the aforementioned baby.
6. "Sex in the City" on WTBS, Tuesday nights. (a.k.a. "The Toned-Down Version")
7. Gala apples, cut in perfect slices with my apple wedger.
8. Greta Van Susteran, who makes gossip seem like real news.
9. Lime flavored lip gloss from Target.
10. Corndogs.
11. Forgiveness.
12. Having a shower thrown for me by my friends.
13. My friends.
14. Fuzzy cat tummies.
15. Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas television specials.
16. My handheld computer solitaire game.
17. A husband who is neater and cleaner than I am, but who has learned to just accept it.
18. In-laws that don't suck.
19. Anti-depressants and epidurals.
20. The little short cartoons before the Pixar movies.
21. Wet wipes and ketchup packets in the glove compartment.
22. Taking communion, accidentally spilling the grape juice down my shirt and knowing that Jesus is probably having a little chuckle at me trying to nonchalantly cover the stain up with my church bulletin.
23. The brillancy of "Everybody Loves Raymond."
24. A car that still runs pretty well with 190,000 miles on it.
25. No more morning sickness.


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