Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Yes, I am a blogging slacker right now. Apologies.

We visited my folks this weekend. My husband had to take his final exam to be an Official Therapist (which he passed, with 100% answers correct--the lady said that was the first time she'd seen that) so we stayed with my parents beforehand. My chihuahua, Squirrel, has now transferred all allegiances to my parents. A few months ago, when we went to visit, he still preferred to sit on my lap. Well, no more. He follows my mother around to make sure he knows where she is at all times (as he used to do to me), and his favorite spot is sitting on my father's lap, buried inside his red hooded sweatshirt. My feelings aren't hurt. On the contrary, it is a huge relief that I did the right thing. He is still an annoyingly exasperating creature, but my parents both seem to find him highly amusing.

Last week would have been absolute hell for me if I hadn't ever gotten pregnant. I had three baby showers to attend, none my own. Infertility dies hard, though. At one shower, I kept having the urge to flee. Part of it was that I didn't know the girl all that well (work shower) and several other people had brought their babies to show off. (I always wonder if that annoys the guest of honor. Bringing new babies to occasions always steals the thunder from the main event. It probably depends on the event. There were three babies at my shower several weeks ago, and it was totally fine. They actually just seemed like smaller guests who drooled a bit more.) But this particular shower wasn't really my sort of shower anyway. It was one of those showers that extreme extroverts had been in charge of throwing, so there were loud games where blind-folded contestants taste melted food items in diapers to determine the origin (don't worry, mostly chocolate.) When the second newborn entered the room to loud "oooo"s and "ahhhh"s, my gut reflex kicked in and my eyes searched for the fastest way out. Interestingly, a single co-worker friend (also an introvert, also an INFP) had the same reaction, so maybe it's wasn't infertility residue after all.

Another shower I attended was completely different. It was a joint shower (didn't know the other girl) at a very well-to-do house. My sister and I went. We realized that we are an excellent shower duo. That could be our secret superhero identity. The AMAZING SHOWER DUO! They can activate a conversation with a single topic! Make pleasantries with evil relatives! Detonate an uncomfortable silence! Conquer a registry with matching gift wrap! Anyway, I think it's because I am an introvert and she an extrovert. I sense the need for conversation, and she pounces. Plus, even if nobody else is talking, we can always manage to entertain ourselves ("Where did you get those ugly shoes?" Commence mock argument.) and people usually jump all over that.

One funny (not really ha-ha, more like offensive) incident happened at that shower. There was a Hispanic lady there who was obviously the housekeeper. While the big-haired Southern (rich) host babbled away, the lady quietly cut the cake, served punch and straightened up. No mention as to who she was (but we all knew.) Later, as the lady was walking up the stairs-- HOLDING A WINDEX BOTTLE-- the host said loudly, "Oh everyone! Did you meet my friend, Maria? Say hello to my friend, Maria!" Everyone mumbles hello. If I were Maria, I would've thrown the Windex bottle at the host's head and said, "I'm your HOUSEKEEPER, you dolt! You PAY ME." There's nothing wrong with being a housekeeper. But I'm sure it made her feel like crap to not have Miss Hoitie Toitie acknowlege her profession.

It just seemed offensive to me. Am I wrong?


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