Thursday, December 16, 2004

War Path

Boy, am I ever on the war path today. I just got my "wellness" check. I participate in a stupid program at work so my deductibles will stay minimal, and I get a wee bonus at the end of the year. I completed all their stupid modules, sat through their dumbass "How To Get Fit" educational meetings, and got myself jabbed with needles twice. And SOMEHOW I missed some goal along the way and my check was puny.

I'm not letting it go. I've been calling the Wellness People all afternoon to get a straight answer. Actually, I'm only settling for one answer from them: "Oops. Sorry. We screwed up. Here is your money." I am usually not one to fight da man, but I am pissed and rarin' to go. I am going to Shawshank that poor Wellness man until he calls me back and has to deal with me. And our HR is playing the "We don't know anything" card, despite being completely bombarded with calls from all over the company. Dumbasses.

And then our parent company does not seem to know how to work a computer, or does not own Photoshop, because they keep requesting the same darn logo file over and over again. Dumbasses.

Oh, and we were informed that our insurance is going up again. Real smart, HR, to send everyone that sweet little memo the day you screw up the Wellness checks. Just to add more fuel to the fire.

RAWRRRRRRRRRR. (that's the sound of Ellen standing on her desk and shaking her fist at da man.)


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