Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Minor Irritations

1. Public toilets with handles too high up to flush with your foot.
2. Toilet seats that are lower than expected and the added downwards momentum causes you to almost fall into the bowl.
3. Husbands that listen ahead on the book on tape that the two of you have spent 20 hours listening to together.
4. Nose bleeds (pregnancy related.)
5. Being "jellyfished" (A term from the second Bridget Jones novel in which a person verbally stings you out of the blue. You usually don't realize that you've been jellyfished until it is too late to retaliate. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm assuming that it is discussed there as well.)
6. Running out of peanut butter.
7. Those stupid stupid holiday Old Navy commercials.
8. Getting up to pee five times a night (also pregnancy related.)
9. Waiters that refill your water glass without asking, and ruin the perfect blend of lemon, water and ice that you had going.
10. Trying to decorate your Christmas tree without constantly poking your hand with needles.


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