Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Better Day

Went to see the doc today. I am now dilated to three. Which probably explains why it feels like a baby is going to fall out of my vagina when I walk. My blood pressure also spiked, so they are going to check it again on Friday. If it spikes more, he'll probably just go ahead and induce this weekend. I'm fine with that. However, he said that it wouldn't surprise him if I just go into labor on my own this week.

I think I finally got through to my boss. Actually, my cankles did. Yesterday, he was ruminating over my "What's Left To Do" list and said, "Oh... this is doable. I can do THIS." I think he thought I was possibly leaving him with the List From Hell. So then he caught a look at my cankles and did a double-take. "Wow! Those are like logs!" Yes, sir, thank you very much.

So this morning, when I came in, he told me that he'd had a nightmare that my husband tried to attack him because work stress had caused my ankles to explode. He then propped my trashcan under my legs and told me to take it easy and roll my socks down if I needed to. It was very sweet.


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