Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I realized that we have never told anyone our child's name. It is Anna Marie. It was funny, because before we found out that she was a girl, I had about ten boy's names picked out and no girl's names. We went through about three baby books but nada. But a few days before we found out, "Anna" appeared out of the blue and bingo. That's the name.

My friend (who just had her baby) asked me a few weeks ago if I was positive that we'd picked the right name. She was having second thoughts about their daughter's chosen name. But truthfully, we haven't thought twice about it. Not only do we only have "good" Annas from our past (no evil ex-girlfriends or bullies from the playground), the name "Anna" means "God's Grace." And that's what I believe that she is-- God showed His grace by giving her to me. I don't deserve her; she is a gift.

So anyway, my husband created a little Anna Marie website awhile back. I hope you like it. [A few notes: a) I DID NOT buy all those little baby clothes hanging in her closet. That was my mother's doing. b) In that first picture, I am holding a jar of Christmas ornaments, not a glass of whiskey. c) I hope everyone has a good laugh when they see the "Watch Ellen Grow" page. Every month I said "I bet this month I'll be huge!" Well, ha ha.]


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