Friday, January 07, 2005

Just Say No To Crank

Well, I was a world class crank yesterday. Our car is still in the shop, work is swamping me, and everything was rubbing me the wrong way. I even called the mechanic and griped him out (which I am now mortified about and am going to call and apologize). Yesterday afternoon, I announced that I was NOT going to the waste-of-time meeting about gift catalogs. So there. My boss saw the look in my eye, took a step back and said I was welcome to skip it.

When everyone got back, it turned out that it had been a party to say thanks for working so hard. I was quite humbled. My boss brought me back a hot cocoa and a light-up pen, and my friend Melissa brought me a pair of pink glitter wings and a fairy wand (it was a bit of a goofy party, me thinks.) And apparently some others had asked where I was and my other co-worker friend announced that I was being a big ole' cranky preggo. But here's the nice part. Apparently several people stuck up for me and said to lay off, I was allowed to be cranky at this point. Yes, I was quite humbled.


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