Friday, March 11, 2005


I think I may have it. The answer to all my prayers (well, maybe not all...) And it was sitting there the whole time!

My Baby Bjorn.

I bought this thing off Ebay way back in the day, like three years ago, when I was foolishly planning on having a baby "in the next year or so." I bought a New Native sling a month before I had Anna, as my one cave-in to Dr. Sears. I tried that thing a week or two ago and Anna effectively gave Dr. Sears the proverbial finger. (i.e. not a success.) Well, today, I saw that Bjorn again for the first time. I thought, "Hmmmmm...maybe..."

It is perfect. I feel freedom!!! I could tap dance! It is so comfortable, Anna is in snugbug heaven and I am typing. With BOTH HANDS! Woo hoo! I may sleep with this thing on. I may take a shower with it. I may marry it.

Now I am going to go make myself a sandwich. With BOTH HANDS!


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