Tuesday, April 12, 2005

And Again!

She did it again last night! I was telling my sister how amazing I felt after getting five hours of sleep, and she laughed and said, "If I only got five hours of sleep, I'd be complaining about it all day." Such is the life of a parent, I suppose.

I don't know if it was the increased sleep for both of us, but Anna and I had a really good day yesterday. She was moderately content the whole day, and only cried for an hour in the evening. The whole day was pleasant. Maybe the colic is dissipating.

Anna and I went to a Moms And Tots program yesterday. "Program" is a little strong a word. Basically, a bunch of moms get together at the community building, cover the room in toys and lock all the doors so the kids can't escape. Then the moms sit in a corner and drink coffee. I was a little nervous, because I still have the Imposter Mother Complex. I had a great time, though, and fit in well. These moms weren't supermoms at all. I didn't get the feeling that any of them made their own baby food from all organic fruits. Their children have probably tasted sugar. After I left, I thought, "Hey, I could fit into this mommy world." I even prevented a two year old from dropping a basketball on Anna's head.

And I finished Anna's baby scrapbook the other day. Before you start crying foul that I've actually had the time to do a scrapbook, I should preface it by saying that I really did the whole thing before I had her. I just had to drop in the photos after she was born. Scrapbooking is relaxing for me. I don't do the Creative Memories type stuff (which I have nothing against.) Mine are just a bit more avant garde. I like matching up different colors of paper and playing with fonts (I have the spiritual gift of Font Recreation. If you show me a font, I can recreate it by hand.) Anyway, now that I am finished, I feel a little restless to have something else covering the kitchen table. A close family member of mine is planning on adopting from China fairly soon, so I am thinking of starting one for her. The baby will be a girl, so at least I know my color palette.


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