Thursday, April 14, 2005

Good Week

It's been a good week. Someone told me once that colic was like a switch that gets turned on and off. And I am really apt to believe it. I remember the day that she first started being colicky. It was week two (which is classically when it starts), and I was home alone with her in one evening. The power kept going off at the house, and I sat in the dark with her screaming. It was not fun.

Well, this week, it was like the switch flipped off. She still fusses, but I feel like I am dealing with "normal" baby fussing. She is smiling and cooing at me. She is responding to us more. She still doesn't like to be put down, but she's been like that since the minute she was born. But she doesn't seem to be hating life anymore. Sweet relief.

And can I say that my husband rocks? He sent me flowers today, for being "a good mother." And he is going to take me out on a grand date next Friday for my birthday, complete with dinner, a movie and a hotel room for the night. My sisters are going to babysit overnight. A full night's sleep! And I've decided that since I'll be pumping my milk out, I am going to try the new Coke with Lime that night. Caffiene, here I come! (It's the simple things in life...)

Anyone recommend any movies? I have no idea what's out right now.


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