Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Watched a really ridiculous movie last night. "The Core." It's bad when the premise is ridiculous and then it gets worse from there. The core of the earth stops spinning? We have to drill down there with nuclear bombs and restart it? Whatever. It held my attention, at least. It reminds me of the time when some friends of mine were all watching "Face/Off." Another ridiculous premise movie. Two mortal enemies switch faces and try to wreck each other's lives. Anyway, it got to the end and there was some big boat chase scene. I think Nicholas Cage jumps off the boat and flips onto another boat or something. After this whole unbelievable movie, my friend Chris says (regarding the boat scene jump), "Well THAT couldn't happen." Oh yeah, but you can switch faces with your mortal enemy...

For a week, our office has been really stinky. Like something crawled into the walls and died. Much complaining. Yesterday, we found out that it was a PROPANE leak. Now, everyone is paranoid that they have carbon monoxide poisoning. "I've been so tired" "Me too! And hungry!" "Me too! And my arms are falling off!" "Me too!....." Etc. etc.

I have been kind of depressed, though. It feels like my body is depressed. I have been wandering around the house at night, having many things to do, but avoiding all of it. I have been going to bed early, just because I'm bored. Nothing to do, guess I'll sleep. I recognize that as a bad sign from my old depression days. Jason and I have been bickering alot. He's like living with a bipolar person right now. He's been working really hard, not getting enough sleep, not eating right. One minute he's like, "Oh I love you dear wife", the next minute he's snapping at me about the puniest thing. It's enough to turn me schitzophrenic.

In other news, at church the other day, the music minister actually got halfway through a song and realized that the words were "And I stand in awe of you" so he says, "Whoa! Sorry! We gotta stand up! I forgot about this lyric." During the song. Drives me crazy!!!! And I discovered another praise song phrase that I can do without--"Ancient of Days." I don't really understand it. And I don't think anyone does.

Oh, I'm just too critical.


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