Thursday, September 04, 2003

Well, hello. A week later. Let's see... what has happened....Labor Day weekend was pretty good. Went to the drive-in with the Grusings. We saw "Legally Blonde 2" which I thought was vaguely cute, but the other three HATED. Jason and Brent were like, "Kill me now" when her chihuahua turned out to be gay. I guess that was pretty stupid. Before we got Squirrel neutered, not only did he hump other male dogs (Fifi), but blankets lying on the floor. When you gotta hump, I guess you gotta hump.

Jason took me to Red Lobster on Friday night and we had a long discussion about me applying for the other job. He basically said what I'd been thinking in the back of my head-- I wasn't going to like the other job. It's very technical, and not a bit creative. I decided not to apply, and I feel good about the decision.

The progesterone I'm taking has been making me a little crazy but not as crazy as when I took it last month. Last month, if you recall, I ended up crying in the middle of the animal shelter and being generally bitchy for two weeks. I just feel a bit melancholy right now. For two nights in a row, I've gone to bed early and ended up watching "Law and Order." Is that show on every freaking night of the week or what?


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