Thursday, October 30, 2003

Got the rest of my costume, sans elf ears. The chick at the party store offered me green ear tips (whatever. what am I? a vomiting Mr. Spock?), and apologized for the lack of normal ones. She said they ran out a month or two ago. I guess there are a lot of elves running around out there.

I've got yet ANOTHER work shower to attend today. A lingerie bridal shower. I swore the last one was the last shower, but I got guilted/sucked into this one. I am so sick of spending money on work associates. No, I take that back. If it felt to me like it was truly a voluntary event, I would probably give a gift, help decorate, etc. anyway. But it's not voluntary. It's Ellen Gets Assigned Decorations And Invitations As Well As Chipping in Toward A Gift. Well, this time I didn't chip in. I went and got her some panties.

You know, sometimes I think I would save money by staying at home. I wouldn't eat out for lunch so often. I wouldn't have to spend money on random "chip-in" gifts every couple of weeks. I wouldn't have to buy work clothes (not that I really do, but I probably should.) I wouldn't have to feel obliged to go to someone's birthday lunch and, of course, pay for my own.

Kyle and I are very hissy today. Our boss is in Hong Kong for two weeks, and he is sort of our Gate Keeper. People come running to us to solve little (or big) problems and do favors for them. Usually my boss is there so I can say, "Talk to Todd." Then, they run away like little mice because they are afraid of his temper (which thankfully, he doesn't take out on us, just them.) But he's not here. He's in China. So it's been a free-for-all for two weeks. The most obnoxious aspects of my co-workers personalities have raged forth. So Kyle and I are at our breaking point. Kyle has taken to making snide comments (nothing new there, just extra snide and louder) at anyone who steps foot in our cubicle. I just explode. "Hey, Ellen, can you-" "What? What?! What do you WANT?!!!" Even stupid stuff-- we are losing it. People come in to borrow our ruler and we chuck it at them.


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