Monday, October 20, 2003

It was a pretty good day. I managed to have a nice balance between productivity and recuperation. Laundry was done, but between spats of laying on the bed, reading magazines. One thing that is good is that I ventured out to McDonald's at lunchtime, while my pregnant friend, Stephanie, took a nap on my couch. What's good about it is that I got dizzy and nauseous as soon as I left the house, so I totally don't feel bad about staying home today. My husband generally regards me as a wuss, though.

I went to my friend's wedding on Saturday. She is also my sister's roommate. I had had a few qualms about the marriage at first because they jumped into it so quickly-- they have known each other less than a year. I have known quite a few people who also attempted such a feat and had very rocky first years of marriage. One couple friend actually had her parents suggest they get a divorce. They didn't, though.

Anyway, it was a very nice wedding and I think they will probably do fine. They are in love, and seem to be pretty compatible. It was one of those weddings where people were truly celebrating the couple being together. Half the people I work with attended or were involved with the wedding or planning of it. I have been to weddings where you could tell people were like, "I give this a year. Tops." or "What does she SEE in that guy?" But this one was a geniunely festive wedding.


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