Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Rundown

Work: Going okay, I guess. I have no motivation. Hard to think about anything other than my baby. I need to get focused this next week in a bad way. On the up side, I got back product samples of the scrapbooking line that I was working on, right before I left on maternity leave (anyone remember me working fifteen hours of overtime weekly, thereby leading to high blood pressure and an induced baby? Anyone?) Anyway, the product turned out surprisingly good. I am so relieved. I really think that God just took on the project himself, because heck if I was in my right mind during that mess. I claim very little kudos for that success.

Daycare: Even if I end up quitting work a month from now, it would still have been worth it just to have had my babysitter get Anna on a schedule. She has finally been napping, and not only that, falling asleep by herself in the crib. She has been in such a better mood in the evenings. I think that sleeping has made a huge difference. It's still very difficult to leave her in the morning, and I count down the minutes until I get to go back and get her.

Weight: Again, I know I am risking a chorus of "If I only had that problem..." but I am still having trouble keeping my weight up. I weighed myself last week and was startled to see that I weigh 109 pounds. I've really lost way too much weight. I went out and bought myself a bunch of Ensure (they have a new "nursing mother's formula-- probably just the same formula, but with a picture of a baby on the can) and boy, is that stuff nasty. Yee-ucky.

"Lost": Seriously addicted to this television show. I only started watching it about three weeks ago, but man. Why didn't someone tell me that there was a cool, Hitchcocky, intelligent show out there? What is the monster? What do the numbers mean? What's on the other side of that hatch?!

Breastfeeding Brain: What has happened to my mind? I've always been a bit flakey, but lately, I am downright spacey. "Disconnected" my husband calls it. People can be talking to me and I can't seem to keep up with the conversation. I have been losing basic words in my vocabulary, like "shed" or "skylight" (me pointing at ceiling, "You know, the thing. The thing with the clear stuff on it. You can see through it. You can see those puffy white things up in the air.") I was complaining about this, and my friend said, "Oh, you have Breastfeeding Brain." I guess all the blood is going to my boobs instead of my brain.

Pumping: Another good thing that came of my two month's of pumping boot camp (besides helping out my friend's baby), is that I am a speedy little pumper. I can get in the bathroom, pump about 10 ounces and get out in fifteen minutes. But boy, am I getting sick of that trip to the bathroom all day long. Not that I've been able to click my brain into actually doing any work the rest of the time. At least I can become a wet nurse if all other career options fail.

Flat Head: The back of Anna's head is getting a bit flat. Of course, this freaked me out. I talked to my babysitter about it, and she said that before experts started recommending that babies sleep on their back (to help prevent SIDS), she never saw that. Now she sees it all the time. Jason went and got Anna a sleep positioner with memory foam, so hopefully that will help a little. A friend of mine had to put a helmet on her baby at night because his head was getting so flat. I hope it doesn't come to that-- probably not; it's not that bad, honestly. But I'd still rather have a flat-headed child than lay awake at night worrying about SIDS (not that I don't already do that, but at least I am doing everything on my part to prevent it.)


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