Tuesday, May 10, 2005

God's Weird Ways

Time and time, I am amazed that God has a purpose for everything, no matter how odd it may seem at the time.

A breastfeeding friend of mine is having milk supply problems, possibly due to recently starting a new medication. She's been pumping her butt off to try and increase her milk, but only seems to be getting out around 15 ounces a day. Her daughter was getting exceedingly frustrated, and had begun not peeing and pooping enough. Basically, she needs more milk until she gets the problem figured out. Hmmmm...where could she get a buttload of breastmilk? Where where where? From Ellen's monster stash of frozen breastmilk, that's where! She and I are even taking the exact same anti-depressant, so that's not an issue. She came over and loaded up an Igloo full o' milk this afternoon.

I was beginning to look in my freezer, wondering why I was still keeping all 100 bags of breastmilk. I was starting to visualize all the tubs of ice creams that I could be stashing in it's place. But I guess God had a reason for me to go through my annoying two months of pumping, if only to provide milk to a hungry little four month-old for awhile. It's very cool when I see God's plans unfold, even in small ways.


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