Wednesday, May 04, 2005

First Day Back

Inspired by Tertia at "So Close" (whose first day back was Monday), I am going to give a play-by-play of my first day back:

4:30 am- Awakened by a hungry baby. Feed her in bed half-asleep. Husband is currently sleeping on couch until his allergy-related snoring ceases.

5:00 am- Go back to sleep.

6:00 am- Alarm goes off. Groan.

7:00 am- Wake Anna up to feed her before we leave. She is being delightful this morning. Phooey. It is easier to leave a cranky baby than a sweet one.

8:00 am- Drop off Anna at babysitter's house. Explain every tiny detail to babysitter. Realize that she knows more about infants than I do. Anna starts wailing. Babysitter reassures me that this will be more difficult for me than Anna. This, I know. I leave. Sigh. Poo.

8:20 am- Back at work. Co-workers have left two vases of flowers on my desk. Everyone pats my back and asks how I am doing in concerned manner. I am okay, but I miss my baby. It feels really strange to not be with her. Sort of like I am missing an appendage.

9:00 am- Boss arrives bearing birthday presents for me. Toys and "Mike and Ike" candy. The toys will join my Camilla the Chicken Muppet and Uma Thurman "Kill Bill" toys at the top of my computer. The candy I shall eat right now. I remember why I like working here.

10:00 am- Breasts are about to explode. Found a bathroon to pump. About three people wiggled the doorknob while I was in there. Go away. If my company is not going to provide a lactation room, then I am going to take as long as I need in here without feeling guilty. Two good things that have come out of my two months of pumping are a) I am speedy fast and b) I have an insane milk supply. I got 8 ounces out in 10 minutes. This will get old soon, though, I suspect.

11:00 am- Chatted with a friend who had her daughter a week after me. She had a horrible delivery experience. I say a thanks again to God for sparing me from that. God gave her a super easy breastfeeding experience, though. Guess God knows what people can and cannot handle.

11:15 am- Continue to avoid actual work. Talked to coworker friend on phone to make lunch plans. Poked at my new toys. Sniffed my new flowers. Avoid avoid avoid.

11:30 am- Called babysitter to check in. Anna is fine, but will not take a bottle. Ironic, no? Two months the child would not take my breast, now she refuses the bottle. The babysitter is going to call me this afternoon if it happens again.

12:00 pm- Went out to lunch with my friends. I feel a little lightheaded, for some reason. I've been feeling that way a lot lately. Sort of fuzzy and forgetful and fainty. I think it has to do with the breastfeeding and lack of sleep.

1:00 pm- Off to pump again. Yes, the newness of being back is wearing off fast.

3:00 pm- A party for me! I get a cake party to celebrate my belated birthday and coming back. It's really just an excuse for everyone to eat cake. I am again reminded of the "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine denounces the entire office for throwing cake parties for every stupid occasion. Our company is the same way. Birthday? Cake. Baby? Cake. New driver's license? Cake. Everyone gains about ten pounds in the first six months of working here. Today I am, unfortunately, criticized for losing too much weight. Bah. I think I might start drinking Ensure each morning.

4:00 pm- Antsy. I miss my baby and know that I'm not going to make it until five. 4:30, methinks.

...will update as the day progresses.


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