Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Well, one of my best friends, Stephanie, is pregnant! We've been trying to talk her into a pregnancy test all week, but she's been dreading it. At lunch today, she finally came in and said, "Okay. I've got to take it." So she went in and did her thing. She was scared to go and check it, so I went in and BINGO!!!! I screamed, "You're pregnant!" You're pregnant!" My cats went running all over the house. Squirrel started running around in circles, barking. Stephanie immediately burst into tears because she knew it and she was so overwhelmed. But she's totally happy now about it and so is Kyle. They were on the pill and messed up. It's a total shock. Rebekah thought I was joking when I told her, and thought it wasn't a good joke but then realized I wasn't kidding.

Shelley, if you are reading this-- we went over to your house at noon to tell you but you were gone!!!!

We are so excited!! It's so fun when one of your best friends gets pregnant. It's like you all get to go through it together, in a way. When Shelley was pregnant, we heard about every ache and pain. When she ate too much fiber and thought she was going into preterm labor (which she actually did later), I went to the hospital with her. I got to see Sadie for the first time on the ultrasound! You get to maternity clothes shop together. It's so much freaking fun!


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