Friday, October 31, 2003

The big Halloween party is tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. Karen is frantically knitting away at Bill's Harry Potter Griffindor scarf, and Stephanie's nails are black as death, so Halloween, here we come. I will take alot of pictures.

I think I get the little runt puppy, Bernard, back tomorrow from the vet. So it's going to be a bottle-feeding weekend for me.

The shower was fine yesterday; the lady was overwhelmed by all the presents and cake and all and cried several times. It really meant a great deal to her. I felt bad about being so negative and pissy beforehand.

Best of luck this weekend, also, to my friends Jesse and Anna, who are due TODAY with a baby boy, in Korea. Apparently, Anna is barely standing up, says Jesse. He has a little pumpkin hat waiting to pop on the baby's head, if the little dude would only come out.



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