Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Feeling alot better today. No sign of Aunt Flo yet, so who knows what's going on.

Lazarus's owner called me today. He has to go. He attacked their other cat AND he's licking all of his fur off, for some reason. I can't keep him, so I guess it's back to the shelter with him. I really did all I could do. Sigh. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail with the animal rescuing. Not a great thing to hear first thing in the morning.

Beatrice is headed for a good new home, though, and so is Squirrel, at the new year. My friend Joe is super excited about Beatrice, and I'm sure she will have fun with his three kids. The dogs were pretty funny this morning. They were wallering all over me in bed this morning, so I threw them out and closed the door. I heard them running toward the living room like a herd of elephants, then back and BAM! They both ran headlong into our bedroom door. I laughed pretty hard.

Oh, this is such a bummer about Lazarus. I hate it when stuff doesn't work out.


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