Tuesday, December 02, 2003

All I can say is I am a stud. Last night, my sister called me freaked out on the highway with a flat tire. And I changed it! In the cold, dark night, with no idea what I was doing. God helped me, though, with superhuman tire-changing strength. I ended up climbing on the hood and jumping on the wrench to get the lugnuts off. I felt pretty cool afterwards. And dirty with tire schmuck.

I need to Christmas shop. I've done nothing. I am a very selfish person. I see so much stuff that I want, but I have blinders on for everyone else. Then suddenly, it's a week before Christmas, and I'm buying body lotion for everyone.

We decorated the office for Christmas and it looks like a Winter Wonderland. Except one dumb cranky co-worker named Toni is like, "Wah. I can't see. I need the overhead lights on. Boo hoo." So we turned the lights on right over her desk and grumble behind her back about what a grinch she is. Like anyone does any work in December anyway. Humph.


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