Sunday, November 02, 2003

I was thinking about those fires in California today. What would I save if I had to flee my house? It made me realize that I don't have many objects of serious value. Honestly, after I made sure my pets were safe in the car, I think I'd just grab my photo albums and sketchbooks. Maybe my old security blanket that's stuffed away in my closet. And these cool knickknacks that I bought in Prague once. The rest of it could burn up and I probably wouldn't even remember half of it. I know it's totally different, though, once you've experienced it. You see these pictures of people looking at the ruins of everything that they owned and they look completely traumatized.

The High School's principal lost her house to a fire last year. Apparently her fridge caught on fire at some point during the day. They lost everything. I remember her saying, though, that the only thing they were truly sad about losing was their dog, who died in the fire.


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