Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Jason can always tell when I'm depressed, or "feeling down" as I like to call it. I don't even tell him and he just notices. I guess I'm obvious. There's no real reason for it this time, it's probably just hormonal. I just got done ovulating, and with the Clomid, it was like a bomb going off in my ovary. Like a hundred small trolls doing a dance in my pelvis all weekend. Ow. It hurt. But I've heard that if it hurts, then it's working.

So now I'm in the Two Weeks Wait and I think my hormones are a little wacky again.

One thing that I have been surprised about, in going through this whole "trying to have a baby" thing, is that I haven't felt jealous when I hear about other women getting pregnant. I feel genuinely excited and happy for them. The times when I get irritated, as I was telling Stacey from The Litter Box awhile back, are when I hear from mothers who are constantly complaining about motherhood and how hard it is and bitch and moan. Not the ones who are just honest about how tiring it is and move on. I think most women would agree that it is hard work. It is the ones who seem to act like motherhood is this horrible disease that has befallen them. Did they not know it was going to be difficult before they got themselves into it? It's very frustrating to hear when you are having fertility problems.

Maybe I'll be more understanding when/if I am a mother.


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