Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Aunt Flo update: nothing yet. (can't believe I'm actually printing that for the world to see.)

I'm picking Lazarus up at 5:30 today, poor guy. Hopefully the animal shelter will keep him around for awhile and try to get him adopted. He's neutered, declawed and totally up on his shots. It would be such a shame to put him down.

My house looks like a hurricane hit it. If I don't keep up with it every day, everything snowballs. Cat hair, cat litter, dog toys, dirty laundry, clean laundry, art supplies, dirty dishes, towels, towels and towels. There are only two human individuals living in that home. I don't understand how this happens.

In other news, I got new glasses! I am one of those people who is "in style" once a decade or so, then I delude myself for about ten years that I am up on it. Someone usually has to sit me down and inform me that, no, Pepe jeans are not in style anymore. No, Lee jeans are not in style either. I am shocked, then set off to remedy the problem til it happens again. My mother actually stole my favorite coat a few years ago and gave it to Good Will, though she denies it. Technically, it was her coat from 1973, but it was a very good coat with cool buttons.

This time, it was my glasses. I got some Giorgio Armani glasses when I was 16 and thought I
was the proverbial shit. I just kept getting the lenses replaced every couple of years. My husband couldn't take it anymore and told me to go buy new ones. "What?" I said with dismay, "But these are great glasses. Designer glasses." Finally a couple of weeks ago, I wore them to work because my usual contacts were bugging me and Kyle harassed me about them all day. "What?" I said. "Kyle, these are Giorgio Armani glasses." "Ellen," he said, "he died like seven years ago." That finally made me think.

Anyway, I love my new glasses. I look kind of like a mix between Lisa Lobe and Tina Fey off of Saturday Night Live. Hopefully, someone will inform me when they are awful, so that I can replace them five years later.


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