Saturday, January 03, 2004

Hello. I'm back again. The holidays are over, and as much as I had a good time, I am glad they are finished. Maybe that's the hallmark of being an adult: you feel relief instead of sadness when Christmas is over.

Lots of family, lots of food. I took off of work from Christmas until now, so I slept in alot. Pretty much accomplished nothing, but so what. I am feeling much better about life, and I feel well rested. I am even reading an actual book instead of watching Comedy Central (I love Reno 911 and The Kids in the Hall.) I am reading Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts (Yes, it's an Oprah Book) and it's really good. I watched the movie again, on TV last week, and remembered how much I had enjoyed it, so I went and got the book. I like it because it's about imperfect people.

My in-laws decided that I should go to nursing school. My husband got really excited at the idea and wants to sign me up for classes immediately. Truthfully, I've thought about it in the past. I've grown up around the medical establishment, I like hospitals, I don't mind poo and blood, I like charts and organization, and I like to take care of others. But I'm scared. What if I'm not smart enough for the classes? I hated math and science growing up. I did okay in them, but with alot of help from others. What if I go all the way through and hate it in the end? What about my job right now? How am I supposed to balance? I am not a very disciplined person at all. It's very frightening to me.

But I should decide soon. I don't have kids yet, so this would be the time to start the classes and such.


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