Thursday, September 18, 2003

Went my yearly appointment today. Never that much fun, but at least I really like my doctor. He listens to me. After listening to my tales of trying to conceive, he decided that I probably need to take Clomid. I probably have weak eggs or something. Oh, hoorah.

But listen to this, right before he starts the exam, he looks at me and says, "It's hard to imagine you pregnant." What does THAT mean? For pete's sake, he's my OBGYN! Maybe it's because he's been seeing me since before I was even married. But I have a feeling that it's because I look 14. No, I don't even know that I look 14. I think it's that I radiate the air of a 14-year old.

People have always treated me like that. Friends would hide their tales of indiscretion from me, maybe because they thought I was too innocent to handle it. People have always tried to "take care" of me. Maybe it yet again goes back to me never outgrowing the teenybopper inclinations in my life.

But hearing your OBGYN tell you that they can't imagine you pregnant...well that sort of takes the cake.


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