Friday, January 23, 2004

Boy, I've really just felt like my life was flying by this week. I have been really busy at work, correcting 2005 calendars. I've been working on calendars for about four years now. And for four years now, I have had no idea what year I am in. We start creating calendars a year and a half before they go into the market. So I'm always like, what year is it? 2003? 2005? For instance, it just turned into 2004, right? I seriously spent five minutes the other day, when I was writing a check, trying to convince myself that 2004 was just starting and not ending.

My house is also a testament to my life. Dirty dishes and cat hair. Dirty dishes and cat hair. (That's supposed to be sung like the "Crazy and deranged" part of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" song.) My bedroom is the worst. Dirty clothes everywhere. Ugh. And where do we accumulate all this stuff from? Christmas? Like I need a meat thermometer.

I happened to find a new show the other night (when I should have been cleaning the crazy and deranged dirty dishes and cat hair.) " The O.C." on Fox. Ugh. They make shows like this just to destroy me. I loved it, and hated myself for it. The lead characters are picture perfect "teens" leading fabulous and eventful lives over in California. The brooding new kid, the innocent girl next door (always needing rescued), the sarcastic best friend, the good-looking understanding parents. Barf. Of course, I have to watch it next week.


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