Thursday, January 08, 2004

We are cutting our extended cable back to basic cable next week. I'm sad, but it's for the best. I waste alot of time with crap TV.

I know this is truly pathetic but here is my list of what I will miss from my days of owning extended cable:

Law and Order:SVU every single dadgum night I want it
Reno 911- I laugh so hard when I watch this show.
The Kids in the Hall-I love Dave Foley with a passion (I was a avid NewsRadio fan back in the day)
The No-Spin Zone- sorry Amy! Yes, I watch O'Reilly.
Maternity Ward- I love them screaming mommies!
South Park- sometimes it's stupid and gross, but sometimes it is so perfect
Animal Cops- it always angries up my blood, but I like it.
Insomniac- I like it when he goes to the non-bar places at 3 in the morning, like a sewage plant.
VH1's trashy All Access- hmmmm. What is Britney Spears not wearing this week?
City Confidential on A&E- creepy unsolved true crime stories.
And lastly...
All those stupid 101 celebrity lists on VH1 and E!- A total and complete waste of my time, but I cannot break myself away.


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