Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I went to yoga at the Episcopal church last night. I really like it! It was so hard; my knees and wrists were shaking fifteen minutes into it. Somebody was practicing the organ throughout, so we had background music. I can see how yoga can be addictive-- I felt so good afterwards. It was like a drug.

I'm exploring my options for my Summer Ellen trip. I might go to Haiti and work in an orphanage for a few weeks, but the problem with that is that if I happen to get pregnant before then, I probably shouldn't go. I am still considering a tour in Ireland or Scotland also. I like Rick Steve's tour show on PBS, and I looked online and he has tours all year long wherever you want to go. So that's an option. I also have never been to New York City, so I thought that could be fun. Or I might just get my old backpack out and just pidder around Europe. I would love to go back to Prague or go see German castles.

I am taking suggestions.


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