Thursday, January 29, 2004

I think I muddled up my blog. I was tweaking some stuff and now my comment engine is gone. Oh well. If you have a comment then just write me!

Jason and I had dinner at Pizza Hut with my old friend, Jesse, and his wife, Anna, and children, Sydney (8) and David (3 months.) I was slightly nervous about the whole thing-- old world vs. new world colliding. I wrote about it the other day, but I just noticed that that post is gone. Same day my comment engine disappeared. Hmmmmm. Anyway, it was a really nice time! We ended up getting mountains of pizza because our waitress was new and kept messing everything up. I felt for her, though. I was a waitress at Pizza Hut once. I know.

Jason said that Jesse seemed like a really nice guy, and interesting, which is a very high compliment coming from him. I really like Anna--she seems very grounded. Their daughter Sydney is cute as a button. She loves animals and was disappointed that they didn't come to our house for dinner, as planned (house was a mess), to meet the Matkowski Miniature Petting Zoo.

I'm always afraid that I come across as a dip, though. Sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on to what other people are saying. "What?" "Pardon?" "I don't get it. Repeat that?" Or if there is a silence, I just start blathering away about nothing. Sometimes I am a real dingbat. Maybe it comes with being an artist. Jason tells me that we are a good match because he observes absolutely everything, and my head is usually floating around in the clouds. I hope that my future children are not embarrassed by me too much.

Speaking of future children, I decided to get serious this cycle. Here is Ellen's List O' Fertility MishMash:

1) Doing Clomid again
2) Drinking Green Tea (bleh, don't really care for it)
3) Taking the OPK strips
4) Went off caffiene (the horror, I'm drinking Sprite)
5) Drinking oodles of water
6) Drinking Robitussin
7) Sadie is praying for me everyday

Take that, eggs!


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