Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Yoga tonight! I wish it was every night. I feel so good afterwards. I'm always in a better mood. I love laying in the corpse pose. Mmmmmmmmmm, corpse pose. (That's supposed to sound like Homer Simpson.)

My boss called all three of us (there are three of us in the gift design area) into his office individually yesterday to talk to us about our attitudes. He was really nice about it and blamed most of it on himself. "I haven't been a good model for you guys." I was really apologetic. Truthfully, I've been feeling pretty convicted about it for the past couple of months, and especially since Christmas. He said, "I know we get crapped on alot, but we've just got to suck it up and do our job." (Not his exact words, but close.) He's right. We make a choice to be here, and most of the time, things really are fine. I, generally, like my job, the people and the company. He's promoting me, too, so I'm going to enjoy the work better, I think. I think my cubicle mate blew him off though. I worry about Kyle. I hope he doesn't blow his stack one day and get fired.


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